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Being treated fairly by the criminal justice system should not be a privilege of the rich. In 1963, the United States Supreme Court in Gideon v. Wainright recognized that the fundamental right to a fair trial requires an indigent person accused of a crime to have the assistance of Counsel.

The judge will appoint a Public Defender only if:

- You are an adult and the judge decides that you cannot afford to hire a private attorney; or

- You are under age 18.

You have rights

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probably cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  Read more for best practices for exercising your rights safely, tips to reduce exposure to suspicion (not legal advice).

Learn your rights

What to do within the first 24 hours

Unsure what to do for a loved one that has been arrested? Use this link to find important information that you can use within the first 24 hours after an arrest. Is your loved one in jail? How much is bail? When is the first court appearance? Who do you call if you have concerns about your loved one’s health? Get this information and more by following this link. There are actions you can take before your loved one meets his or her public defender.

Learn what you can do

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

Muhammed Ali


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Hennepin County launches initiative to eliminate disparities in juvenile system

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If you're in the criminal justice system and can't afford an attorney, the Public Defender's office can represent you. We help adults and juveniles accused of criminal offenses, and parents and children involved in child protection cases.

How do I apply for a Public Defender?

You will complete an application for a Public Defender at your first appearance in court. If you meet the income guidelines, the judge will appoint a public defender to represent you.

Who is my Public Defender?

The Office of the Public Defender assigns lawyers to every first appearance courtroom. Once the court has found you eligible, your public defender will meet with you to discuss your case.

How do I get to the Public Defender's Office?

If you are meeting with your lawyer for an adult criminal case (felony or Minneapolis misdemeanor) please go to our 14th floor reception area at 701 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 1400, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Our phone number is 612-348-7530.

If you are meeting with your lawyer for a juvenile delinquency or child protection please go to our 10th floor reception area at 701 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Our phone number is 612-348-7530.

How do I get to Adult Court?

For adult criminal cases, including suburban misdemeanor charges, all court locations and instructions on how to find a courtroom are available on line. Our suburban public defenders have offices located in the suburban courthouses. If you have questions about where to go, please call the Public Defender’s Office 612-348-7530

How do I get to Juvenile Court?

For juvenile court all court locations and instructions on how to find a courtroom are available on line. If you are unsure or have questions about your case please call the Public Defender’s Office 612-348-7530.

When is my next court date?

Minnesota State Court provides on line access Court calendars. You may search by your name or case number. If you are unsure or have questions about your case please call the Public Defender’s Office 612-348-7530.



Staff Member Phone Email Job Duties
Adams, Brooke 612-348-9021 Attorney
Anderson, Andrea 612-348-4104 Legal Assistant
Anderson, Brittany 612-348-2001 Investigator
Anderson, Ryan 612-596-1220 Attorney
Appleby, Stephanie 612-596-7247 Dispositional Advisor
Arago, Eva  612-596-7883 Legal Assistant
Austin, Pamela 612-348-5389 Legal Assistant
Bailey, Angela 612-348-8059 Attorney
Baldwin, Laura 612-348-2186 Attorney
Barbour, Sean 612-348-6613 Information Technology
Barna, Allison 612-348-9099 Dispositional Advisor
Barreto, Jill 612-596-1807 Attorney
Barukzoy, Setara  612-348-6940  Attorney
Batres, Johana 612-543-2411 Legal Assistant
Baskfield, Madeline  612-348-8246  Attorney
Baumann, Joel  612-348-2433  Attorney
Beasley, Jarita 612-348-6985 Legal Assistant
Benson, Jeff 612-348-0032 Attorney
Bergeson, Steve 612-596-1802 Attorney-Trial Team
Bickner, Faith  612-348-9198  Attorney
Bishop, Tanya 612-348-8229 Attorney
Bozian, Gabriel 612-596-6754 Attorney
Brodhag, Amanda 612-348-6419 Attorney
Brooke, Sallie 612-596-9406 Legal Assistant
Bruce, Christy 612-348-8052 Dispositional Advisor
Brummel, Paula 612-596-7668 Attorney
Bryant, Camille 612-596-9147 Attorney
Buettner, Sarah 612-710-2777 Attorney
Burton, Shira 612-348-0720 Attorney
Byron, Eve 612-348-8594 Attorney
Carey, Erin 612-348-8183 Attorney
Carpenter, Raissa  612-348-9676  Attorney
Chadwick, Allison 612-348-2984 Attorney
Champagne, Christopher 612-348-8012 Attorney
Cima, Kathy 612-596-9346 Attorney
Clemens, Chelsie 612-596-0667 Dispositional Advisor
Clemenson, Rene 612-348-8050 Attorney-Supervisor
Cluck, Deborah 612-596-9279 Legal Assistant
Colbert, Jessica 612-348-8317 Attorney-Supervisor
Colich, Michael 612-333-7007 Attorney
Connor, David 612-596-9145 Attorney
Cousins, Adrienne 612-543-1577 Attorney-Supervisor
Crawford, Latosha 612-348-6816 Attorney
Cruz, Cristina 612-596-6568 Attorney-Contract
Cuellar, Leticia 612-348-8712 Legal Assistant
Dahlquist, Peter 612-677-8357 Attorney
Davies, Susan 612-543-3149 Dispositional Advisor
Davis, Alexander 612-596-6753 Attorney
DesLauriers, Kevin 612-348-4122 Attorney
DeSmidt, David 612-543-0764 Attorney
Devaraj, Mark 612-348-2742 Attorney
Domin, Isa 612-543-4770 Attorney
Dong, Jesse 612-348-9884 Attorney-Supervisor
Donnelly, Emmett 612-348-6144 Attorney-Managing
Dotson, Kellen 612-348-8405 Attorney-Supervisor
El-Ghazzawy, Basil 612-543-0263 Attorney
Elsen, Matt 612-596-8798 Attorney
Felegy, Alexander 612-348-6702 Paralegal
Fink, Danielle  612-348-2854  Attorney
Fischer, Ashley  612-348-9856  Attorney
Fischer, Dick 612-348-8872 Investigator
Forsell Cayard, Maggie 612-543-0962 Attorney
Frame, Holly 651-361-9830 Attorney
Franklin. Ryan  612-348-6123  Attorney
Fraser, Melissa 612-596-7517 Attorney-Supervisor
Fredkove, Donna 612-348-0769 Attorney
Gamble, Maja 612- 348-8045 Investigator
Gielcowski, Tammy 612-348-6047 Legal Assistant
Giudice, Matthew 612-348-6766 Paralegal
Glenn, Claire 612-543-1576 Attorney
Granse, Alicia 612-596-1981 Attorney
Gray, David 612-866-1313 Attorney
Gray, Kevin 612-596-7969 Attorney
Griffin, Jenna  612-543-3582 Legal Assistant
Haley, Abby  612-543-9254 Paralegal
Halimah, Sara  612-348-2148 Attorney
Hansel, Katie 612-596-7711 Attorney
Hanson, Gabriel 612-348-4853 Legal Assistant
Harmon, Jessie  612-596-8545  Attorney
Harsha, Zayda 612-596-8269 Dispositional Advisor
Hayes, Michelle 612-596-7136 Attorney
Herlofsky, Susan 612-348-9881 Attorney
Hicks, Caroline 612-348-8395 Attorney
Hitz, Evelynn  612-348-2983 Paralegal
Hodge, Bernice  612-596-1798 Attorney
Hoffman, Gretchen 612-348-9156 Attorney-Supervisor
Hogan, Elizabeth 612-596-8510 Attorney-Supervisor
Holland, Michael 612-348-9946 Attorney
Hormillosa, Michael  612-596-7389  Attorney
Hoppe, Mary 612-348-5265 Legal Assistant
Horvath, JC  612-348-8255 Attorney
Inz, Julia 612-348-6810 Attorney
Isaacman, Geoffrey 612-348-7891 Attorney-Supervisor
Jaimet, Matthew 612-596-1797 Attorney
James, Beverly 612-348-2337 Admin Asst-Supervisor
Johnson, Kristin 612-596-7518 Investigator
Johnson, Laura 612-348-8555 Attorney
Karp, Elizabeth 612-543-2925 Attorney
Kennon, Shawn 612-348-8174 Attorney
King, Camille 612-596-9366 Office Manager
Knezel, Owen  612-348-6019 Investigator
Knutson, Chelsea 612-596-7889 Attorney
Kolar, Matthew  612-348-6042 Investigator
Kolstad, Bob 612-543-3475 Attorney
Kosel, Shawna  612-596-8566  Attorney
Kowalski, Kim  612-348-9948 Paralegal
Koziol, Sarah  612-596-7887 Attorney
Kraetzner, Krystal 612-596-1447 Paralegal
Kyle, Juanita 612-348-6680 Attorney
Landreau, Stefan 612-348-8393 Attorney
Leary, Bryan 612-348-6553 Attorney
Leary, Charlotte 612-348-4960 Legal Assistant
Lopez, Lisa  612-348-6746 First Assistant
Lucas, John 612-348-8225 Attorney
Lukac, Allegra  612-543-3104  Attorney
Lund, Chris 612-543-0264 Attorney
Mahoney, John 612-348-8021 Attorney
Maravigli, Paul 612-348-0186 Attorney
Marcellus, Madsen  612-596-9347 Attorney-Supervisor
Marks, Krista 612-348-2414 Attorney
Martin, Ben 612-348-6618 Attorney
Martin, Matthew 612-309-1979 Attorney
Martin, Peter 612-348-7113 Attorney
Martinez, Arthur 612-348-5413 Attorney
McGuire, Katherine 612-348-6658 Dispositional Advisor
McInnis, Joey 612-348-9804 Attorney
McNaughton, Lisa 612-348-4375 Attorney-Managing
McPherson, Patrick 612-348-4396 Investigator
Meyerson, David  612-596-8587  Attorney
Michael, Brad 612-596-9409 Investigator
Miller, Mark 612-543-3074 Attorney
Miller, Monica 612-348-2056 Attorney
Mills, Victor 612-348-0702 Investigator
Mitchell, LaToya 612-348-8654 Legal Assistant
Monroe, William 612-348-4846 Attorney
Morant, Andre 612-348-6756 Attorney-Supervisor
Moriarty, Christina 612-348-5061 Attorney
Morris, Jordan 612-596-9411 Attorney
Muhammad, Kymphus 612-596-8362 Investigator
Myhran, Chase 612-348-5852 Attorney
Myren, Doug 612-348-6373 Attorney
Nanez, Yastril  612-596-8617  Attorney
Neumann, Faith  612-348-2452 Attorney
Nolen, Julius 612-348-8560 Attorney
Nolen, Laura 612-543-0262 Attorney
Noothed, Rebecca  612-596-8621  Attorney
Novak, Anna 612-543-0265 Dispositional Advisor
O'Connor, Brenna 612-543-1311  brenna.o' Attorney
O'Connor, Leslie 612-596-3215 leslie.o' Attorney
Oleisky, Jill 612-332-3100 Attorney-Contract
Olson, Aaron 612-348-6092 Attorney
Otieno, Patricia 612-596-9338 Legal Assistant
Overby, Michelle 612-596-1811 Attorney
Parrott, Anwen  612-348-0384 Attorney
Paule, Robert 612-332-1733 Attorney
Pawlowicz, Jennifer 612-348-7198 Legal Assistant
Phelps, Rebekah  612-596-8640  Attorney
Perry, Briana 612-596-0790 Attorney
Petersen, Steve 612-596-1803 Investigator
Prahl, Laura 612-543-1633 Attorney-Supervisor
Prentice, Carrie 612-596-7782 Attorney
Probst, Ashley 612-348-7110 Attorney
Quiggle, Brett 612-348-8557 Investigator
Reid, Tracy 612-543-3073 Attorney
Reiland, Andrew 612-348-5838 Attorney-Supervisor
Renden, Greg 612-348-5952 Attorney
Reynolds, Andrea 612-543-3007 Attorney
Ritchie, Samantha 612-596-7391 Attorney
Robinson, Julian  612-348-8349 Attorney
Ryan, John 612-348-8271 Attorney
Salgado Diaz, Eduardo 612-596-6567 Attorney
Sansonetti, Rae  612-348-8556 Attorney
Sargent, Cathy 612-348-8933 Legal Assistant
Sather, Joelle 612-543-0088 Attorney
Sayavong, Elizabeth  612-348-4973 Attorney
Schoenborn, Ashley  612-543-3105  Attorney
Scott, Elizabeth 612-348-4370 Attorney
Selman, Butch 612-348-7856 Attorney
Sherman, Darcy 612-348-2429 Attorney
Siolka, Lindsay 612-348-2181 Attorney-Supervisor
Skrzeczkoski-Bzdusek, Lisa 612-596-1801 Attorney
Small, Andrew 612-875-9919 Attorney
Smith, Desiree  612-348-4853  Attorney
Sorensen, Alyson  612-596-8657  Attorney
Spoor, Tiffany 612-348-0253 Attorney
Stoks, Amanda 612-348-8924 Attorney
Sullivan, AC  612-596-9336 Dispositional Advisor
Swiontek, Matthew 612-348-8053 Attorney
Tierney, Collin 612-348-6343 Attorney
Tillis, Benita 612-348-9887 Legal Assistant
Tonkovitz, Natalie 612-348-4820 Paralegal
Van Beek, Lindsey 612-348-0378 Attorney
Van Guilder, JoAnne 612-348-0703 Paralegal
Vang, Amarah 612-543-1646 Paralegal
Verdoorn, Briana 612-348-2210 Investigator
Vertin, Marecca 612-348-9947 Attorney
Vora, Zeel  612-596-8745  Attorney
Webb, Shawn 612-596-7884 Attorney-Supervisor
West, Amy  612-596-8313 Dispositional Advisor
Whaley, Jill 612-543-2120 Investigator
Whiting, Freya  612-348-0111  Attorney
Wilkie, Diana 612-348-8292 Dispositional Advisor
Willman, Mariah  612-543-0087 Legal Assistant
Zagorski, Emily  612-348-8264 Paralegal

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